Trapped in Two Worlds: My Darkest Dreams

Why we dream at night is still one of the greatest unanswered questions that scientists wrestle with. Although there are many theories as to why we dream, there are still no findings that give us a cohesive explanation. Even so, people all over the world continue to try to understand why they dream and to learn new insights from their nighttime reveries.
Maria Palomino has always had strange dreams since she was a little girl. Dreams about being somewhere else, fighting or getting chased by monsters or people, or being in a situation where she has to escape. She found her dreams to be adventures because every time she went to sleep, she felt like she was wandering around the world, going back to her past, or into another dimension. Every time she opens doors in her dreams, she finds herself somewhere different or speaking another language. Although the journeys she takes are sometimes a little peculiar, she wants to share these experiences with her readers because she believes that many of us may have similar imaginings. Are you ready to step into Maria’s lucid dream world?


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